CAFCOM "since 1986"

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CAFCOM has gathered the best plantations to offer special coffees

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Our Story

CAFCOM was founded in 1986 by a group of Guatemalan coffee farmers, looking for a small place in the market to present to each coffee lover, the most special and refined coffee in the country.

Since then, we are committed to gather the best plantations to provide quality coffee for all consumers around the world.


CAFCOM exports coffee from Guatemala to most countries in the world, such as USA, Asia and Europe, among others. The main thing we offer to our customers outside our country is the traceability and quality control that translates into perseverance and excellence through a good cup of coffee.

Over the years:

CAFCOM has given technical advice to producers that are interested in fulfilling their knowledge and techniques for coffee processing, maintaining a socio-environmental balance in search of sustainability.

CAFCOM keeps all the customers information stored in a Data Center in order to promote to them an integrity and sustainable production to preserve natural resources and protect our world.